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Pantomine review- jack and the beanstalk

Another year, another great panto- but this year was different. Different because the first time. Director Jane Heather decided to write her own script. Jane co-opted her brother Martin to work with her and jack and the beanstalk was reborn.
The cast were fantastic, each  delivering their part with   enthusiasm and skill. The delivery of lines and the quality of singing and dance routines made for an enjoyable and polished performance. Cicely Herrod-Taylor did an excellent job of linking everything togather as the Bean Fairy and her dance rountine was sensational. Strong performances from Francesca Nunn as Jack, freddie Good as Simple Simon, Sophie King as Princess Gill and Serenna Dundas as Melody (how did she keep a straight face as the harp?) carried the audience along with them, as did Kevin Challen as the Boss Guard aided by Finlay Williams- did I detect a little Grandad coaching there?

Every Panto needs a Dame, a Baddie and a comedy duo- brilliantly portrayed by Crispin Trott, Jonathan Welch as Squire Liar and Kaye Walton and Brenda Mason as cash and carry.

The Chorus, as ever, were great throughout and looked as though they were really having fun. A special mention to Molly Good, her deep voice 'solo' was hilarous, and to Louisa and Ella Mattinson, Beth Hawkins and Sophie Edwards who played the cow.

Of course, a great Panto needs a host of talented and hard working people behind the scenes to make it happen. The Costumes, thanks to Di Braybrooke and her team, were fantastic - so colourful and fresh, making it all look very professional. Rob  Braybrooke and his crew did a splendid job on stage management and props and making everything run smoothly - althrough I believe that the beanstalk won on one occasion:Clare Cunningham and her painters did an excellent Job on the scenery, which was greatly enhanced by Colin Gardner's amazing lighting- particularly during the beanstalk scenes. Jane Heather and Paul Sims ensured that all the music and sound enhanced everyone's performance.

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